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Light Blue Egg


Factory: Pisanki

SKU: EGG-Light Blue
A Polish Kitchen Online Favorite!
  • Approx. 2.5" x 1.5" per Egg
  • 100% Hand painted and imported directly from Boleslawiec, Poland
  • Slight variations in pattern / design to be expected
  • Lead and Cadmium Free

The Colors of the Pisanki Eggs each have a specific meaning. The tradition of painting the eggs and exchanging them with friends and relatives is very old. A bowl of eggs serves as a colorful display as well as protection from all dangers.

White - purity, birth, light, rejoicing,virginity.
Yellow - youth, love, harvest and the perpetuation of the family.
Gold - spirituality and wisdom.
Orange - endurance, strength and ambition. Also a symbol of the everlasting sun.
Pink - success and contentment.
Green - fertility, health and hopefulness; of spring, breaking bondage, freshness and wealth.
Red - action, charity, spiritual awakening, sun, joy of life and love.
Blue - air, good health, truth and fidelity.
Purple - Fasting, faith, trust and patience.
Brown - Mother Earth and her bountiful gifts.
Black - constancy or eternity, the center of the earth.