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Morning Ritual

My Bodum French Press is my new obsession. With that being said, I have had to amend my morning ritual just a bit to accommodate the process, but it is totally worth it. The coffee just takes better and I often wish I would have splurged for the larger version, especially when I am making coffee for more than just me. I love it so much that I took it with me this past weekend to visit my sister. While waiting for the coffee we started talking about our mugs. She is also a lover of polish pottery, and had a couple different patterns of the classic bistro mug. This sounds rather silly I say to her, but I love my mugs, and she quickly agrees.  How is it that we can actually give so much thought to a crazy little mug? Does it make my coffee taste better, does it make it stay warmer longer????  What is the deal?
December 10, 2013 by Katie Conway

Thankful for polish pottery bakeware

I made my first Thanksgiving meal at the age of 22. A couple friends and I moved to Vail, Colorado to ski for a season after graduating from college. Of course heading home for the holidays was not an option as I had no money, just got a job and had no time off. This would be my first Thanksgiving not surrounded by my family in Ohio. That year there were four us who would be without family and in need of a Thanksgiving meal. My friend and I got to work planning our meal not thinking what bakeware we would need to accomplish this feat. Our "furnished" apartment was not only small but overpriced, overcrowded and light on the kitchen utensils...I mean really, what twenty something ski bum was really going to attempt to cook a Thanksgiving feast.